IT - 2nd Life Cycle

Win-win situation for both your company and the environment

At TEQPORT, we always have the entire value chain in sight, starting with the identification of equipment, to logistical challenges and their procedural features, to marketing and through to safe and correct disposal.

Your used IT devices will be visually and technically evaluated, then professionally and securely recycled allowing them to be reintroduced back into the market for reuse. With this, we create a win-win situation for your company (data security and additional revenue) and the environment (correct disposal of electronic waste, reduction in CO2 emissions), by expert handling of IT hardware.

SWAPIT - our IT purchase programme

With SWAPIT, we offer our prospective clients an optimal solution to dispose of their obsolete IT equipment in a secure and simple way. Their disposal is made directly through TEQPORT.
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IT remarketing services

Are you looking for a partner that offers professional IT reuse/remarketing services to your customers and facilities? You can use all or only some of our service components in the areas of dismantling & logistics, refurbishment, deletion of data or marketing. Our services are flexible and can be customized to your needs - from project consulting, transparent reporting and audit-compliant marketing through to connection with our disposal systems.

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